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Middle School Learn to Row

Middle School Learn to Row
A Joint Partnership with Canal Dock Boathouse, Inc and Yale University Community Rowing



Session #1: July 8-12
Session #2: July 15-19

Discover the excitement of rowing with us this summer! Our camp offers middle school students a unique opportunity to dive into the world of rowing, completely free of charge. Through our joint partnership, campers will learn the basic fundamentals of rowing, engage in calisthenics to enhance their fitness, and gain essential knowledge about equipment safety. 

Led by experienced coaches, campers will not only develop their rowing skills but also foster teamwork and discipline in a supportive environment. Don't miss out on this unforgettable summer experience - register now and embark on a journey of discovery and fun in New Haven Harbor!


  • No experience required!

  • Open to any and all entrants of middle school age - grades 6-8.
    For high schoolers, click on the organization's name for their summer rowing camps: Canal Dock Boathouse, Inc and Yale University Community Rowing

  • When registering, parents/guardians, use YOUR contact information up until it specifically requests the camper's information.

  • After registering online, please print and sign the following waiver packet.


  • 2-3 rowing/fitness sessions per day

  • Official Canal Dock gear (UV hat/visor or polyester t-shirt)

  • Refueling snacks and fluids

GENERAL ACTIVITY SCHEDULE (weather permitting):

  • First 15 Minutes – Drop-off/group meeting/snack

  • 60 Minutes: Rowing & fitness

  • 20 Minutes: Break/water/snack

  • 90 Minutes: Rowing & fitness

  • 40 Minutes: Warm down and wash and store equipment

  • Final 15 Minutes: Break/water/snack/pick-up

For a complete schedule, click here.



Payne Whitney Gym Lobby (Day 1)
70 Tower Pkwy
New Haven, CT 06511

Canal Dock Boathouse (Days 2-5)
475 Long Wharf Dr
New Haven, CT 06511


  • We will always communicate via the emails you use for registration.

  • For questions regarding our Middle School Learn to Row, our staff can be reached via email at


  • We can row if it is raining as long as there is no lightning, debris in the harbor, or strong winds.

  • In the event that we cannot row on the harbor, practice will be held indoors at Canal Dock Boathouse. Our boathouse is equipped with Concept2 RowErgs, projector for video feedback and workouts, and yoga mats.



  • The best clothing to wear is TIGHT FITTING. Rowers usually wear t-shirts and spandex shorts (basketball shorts and giant/baggy shirts will get caught in moveable parts and can result in tears or grease stains - ruining that article of clothing). Soccer length shorts are safe. Wear what is comfortable for you. 

  • It will be important to bring running shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat for protection from the sun (bug spray may come in handy, although we have zero to little mosquitos on the coastline). There is ZERO shade when out on the water so prepare accordingly. Disposable water bottles, ice, and refueling snacks are provided at no additional cost. Campers are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottle - keep in mind, anything over a liter will not fit in the storage compartment in a boat. A coach is able to hold it in the safety launch if necessary. Canal Dock does not support the use of shared water bottles - let's prevent the preventable!

  • Campers will not be allowed out on the water without a water bottle. This is imperative with high temperatures days. We want to keep all of our campers well hydrated and safe.



  • When at Payne Whitney Gym on Day #1
    We will meet in the lobby to collect waivers and forms. Once all campers have arrived, we will walk to the basement to the official Yale Crew training facilities. A tour will be given and parents are welcome to see the facility. Campers will watch a 30min safety video and review the basic positions of rowing. We ask that you allow your child to mingle with the other athletes - teamwork, communication, and trust are very important in rowing! The last hour, we will walk to the gym pool to perform a Swim Assessment by a registered lifeguard. Campers can be picked up in the lobby or out front.

  • When at Canal Dock Boathouse for the first time
    We will be reviewing the parts of the boat and how to properly make individual adjustments. Proper boat handling and safety procedures will be discussed. The last 30min, a tour of the boathouse will be given (you are welcome to join). 

  • "On the Water" days
    We will definitely be going out on the water if the weather permits! Feel free to bring a lawn chair, shade umbrella, and some shades. Parents/guardians are welcome to sit on the back platform along the railing. All we ask is that you give your child space to grow and learn, and not be a distraction. At no point are parents allowed on the dock unless a staff member authorizes.

  • Keep in mind that our boathouse has other programs, members, and private events. At no point are parents/guardians allowed to explore the inside of the boathouse without staff present.



Facebook: canal_dock
Instagram: canal_dock; row.haven

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