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Canal Dock Boathouse, Inc. (“Canal Dock”) is a New Haven, Connecticut 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Canal Dock has partnered with the City of New Haven to conduct community-oriented, waterfront boating activities at The Canal Dock Boathouse on Long Wharf. Multiple types of recreational boating opportunities are already underway (dragon boating, kayaking & rowing) and new programs are planned for the future; all programs for New Haven public school students are free. In addition, public education programs in environmental science will be a signature initiative in the near future.

“Opening New Haven’s Waterfront for Adventure, Discovery and Growth”

Our Mission

Our Mission

Canal Dock is a newly formed non-profit established to bring the community to New Haven’s waterfront! This includes the historic New Haven Harbor on Long Island Sound, along with the Quinnipiac and Mill Rivers. Canal Dock’s community programs introduce residents to paddle boarding, Dragon boating, kayaking and rowing.  More importantly for the future of our community, these programs connect people to the outdoors, the environment, a shared heritage and ultimately to each other. Our youth programs use rowing machines, watercraft and in some cases competition to encourage young people to develop leadership skills and positive peer relationships.  All of Canal Dock programs are designed to be affordable and accessible, particularly to low income communities and communities of color. Our goal is that Canal Dock will provide a gathering place in a diverse and urban context unparalleled in the State of Connecticut. Its proximity to multiple modes of transportation will attract the diverse population of New Haven and surrounding towns. Most importantly, it will incorporate the waterfront into the identity of the city in a way that has been prevented for decades by transportation infrastructure, providing an opportunity to interpret both the history of the Adee building, collegiate rowing, and the harbor in general.

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