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Membership Hours

Sunrise to Sunset

How to Join

To inquire about becoming a member, email and introduce yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions About Membership at Canal Dock

What’s included in membership?

Canal Dock offers rowing in our 6 Zephrys,  which are  stable, durable and easy to handle singles for rowers of all levels. We also have a Maas24, an Alden and a Wintech for singles along with two doubles for more experienced rowers too.  Before taking a single out for the first time you will be met by a coach or an experienced rowing member.


There are 6 Kayaks available to use. Before taking a kayak out for the first time you will be met by an experienced kayak member or coach to get cleared.


Members have access to the ergs at any time they are available. All memberships include the opportunity to attend the following group sessions (with pre-registration) from April - October:

 1) Yoga on Saturdays 10:00 - 11:00 

2)  Erging on Saturdays 8:45 - 9:45

How Much Does it Cost to Join?

Membership Special for 2022 is $175 - Includes access to Yoga and Fitness Classes, Kayaks and Rowing for those that are cleared to row. We also offer Basic Memberships for those interested in participating in Yoga and Dry Land Rowing classes for $125 a year. Once you decide to join, send an email to and you will receive an invitation to register through our membership portal, MemberPlanet.


What is included in the $125 Basic Membership? 

Access to fitness classes; Yoga and Platform Rowing, social events, boat storage program, and locker rooms. 


How do I make sure the equipment I want to use is available?

Canal Dock lists all equipment on a Google spreadsheet and you'll be given a link to this once you are a member.


What are the boathouse hours?

The boathouse is open 6AM to 7PM for members to use the ergs. Members receive a key, which has a $20 refundable deposit. Water activities are from 6AM until sunset.


How do members get together?

Canal Dock uses the GroupMe app to make plans to get out on the water or erg together.


Are there organized rowing or paddling programs?

During the year Canal Dock may offer organized club outings but as of now there are no coached programs.  It is something that is planned for the future.

Have a question? Email


Additional Details for Membership Plans & Services

Boat Storage Program


Canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, sailboats, and rowing shells can be stored for an annual fee. Please inquire separately about vessel storage (


Fitness Classes

Dry Land Rowing and Yoga on the Platform occur year-round either out on the platform (weather permitting) or indoors in one of the boat bays. Each class is $10 for non-members, free for members. Locate your desired fitness class under the Programs tab at the top of the page to RSVP.


Boating Opportunities


Boating includes both racing and coastal rowing shells, dragon boats, and kayaks. For safety purposes, all outings must include at least two shells.




All outings are currently recreational or fitness oriented. As interest, numbers, and equipment grows, competitive training will become available. 



Community Boating Days will tentatively occur once a month (weather pending). These events are FREE to attend, and all of our boating options and fitness classes will be accessible. Please RSVP under our Events tab.

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