Canal Dock Mission Statement:

“Opening New Haven’s Waterfront for Adventure, Discovery and Growth”

The current project serves to mitigate the demolition of the historic Yale (Adee) Boathouse that sat across New Haven Harbor from the Canal Dock site, at 74 Forbes Avenue. The Forbes Avenue Boathouse was demolished by the Connecticut Department of Transportation in 2007 as part of the I-95 New Haven Harbor Crossing Corridor Improvement Program, a multi-billion dollar effort to improve highway safety and efficiency at the I-95/I-91 interchange. Under the current proposal, elements of the historic boathouse will be prominently featured in the design of the Canal Dock Boathouse, helping the building’s otherwise-modern design to fit in with the historical context of the region.

Our goal is that the Canal Dock project will provide a waterfront promenade, boat storage, transient slips, and a handicap accessible ramp for canoes and kayaks, as well as a gathering place in a diverse and urban context unparalleled in the State of Connecticut. Its proximity to multiple modes of transportation will attract the diverse population of New Haven and surrounding towns. Most importantly, it will incorporate the waterfront into the identity of the city in a way that has been prevented for decades by transportation infrastructure, providing an opportunity to interpret both the history of the Adee building, collegiate rowing, and the harbor in general.

City of New Haven
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