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Community Giving Programs


The Great Give is an annual community-wide fundraising campaign, now in their twelfth year, which occurs over an intense 36 hour period beginning May 4, 8:00 am and ending May 5, 8:00 pm. Donations during this time frame maximize every dollar and more importantly the community. 

Advanced gifts can be made beginning Friday, April 23.

All forms of payment are accepted and appreciated!

Any gift of $500 or more received from a private or family foundation, or donor advised fund, or by check from a personal account will be eligible for The Great Give® prize and matching pool if the gift is donor-directed for a matching gift incentive.

Donations during this time frame are greatly appreciated and will be utilized to their full potential. We, at CDBi, want to bring a positive change to the community, any and all donations will make an impact on our community and someone’s life. $5 is the donation minimum, and even that will make a difference.

May the fourth be with you during this Great Give event!

Giving Tuesday

Coming soon!

Year End Giving

Year End Giving

Coming soon!

We Need Your Support Today!

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